Electronic Industries Quick Turn Prototype PCB's, Multi Layer, Double Sided, Single Sided


The Following items are required to efficiently enter any new orders for you.
Please make sure these items are included at the time the order is placed!


Data Please send Zipped files to the E-mail address below.

CAD Data

Drill Drawing (Should include the following info as a minimum).

Common reasons for ON HOLD orders
1. Corrupt Zip file.
2. Customers Print or Drill drawing not supplied or is missing the following pertinent data:
  1. Drill characters by size and locations.
  2. Overall PCB dimensions (please include cutouts, slots, countersinks, ect).
  3. Material type and finished copper thickness & weight.
  4. +/- Drill and Rout tolerances.
3. Gerber and supplied fabrication print do not coincide.
4. No drill file present or unusable. (preferred in Excellon format no zero suppression)
5. No list of applied drill tools.
6. Drill locations are incorrect and/ or missing holes.
7. Incomplete aperture list or unusable.
8. No aperture list present.
9. No thermal connections on inner-layers. (Multi-layers only)




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